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Roller banners

Caldy Signs introduce the ‘Pop up banner'(P.U.B) system. This popular and highly versatile roller banner is the ideal choice for product launches, exhibitions and point of sale. The system is easy to use and cost effective and can boost your sales and generate more business.

Our clients & projects

The Managing Director of 'The Manor Restaurant & Function Suite' briefed & commissioned Caldy Signs to create and produce signage. "with the appearance and distinction to properly reflect the quality of our brand and restaurant".

Mel Passmore, the proprietor of Caldy Signs drew on his 30 years experience as a Master Gilder. By using his experience and passion, Mel decided to reflect the quality, brand perception and reputation by designing and producing signage that incorporated Pure 24 carat gold leaf lettering on the reverse face of toughened glass panels.

The results were that the Wirral's premier restaurant were now displaying high quality and hand crafted signage throughout the premises.

Project - The Manor Greasby

Wirral's Premier Restaurant & Function Suite

Caldy Signs

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